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Benefits Consulting

Discover new possibilities for your business with a benefits strategy that resonates with your people, fortifies your culture and employee engagement, and attracts the best talent. At The Baldwin Group, our consultative approach to benefits helps you create a strategic, tailored, and cost-effective program that is designed to give you an edge in today’s increasingly competitive labor market.  


A compelling advantage


Building better benefits programs

By simplifying the complexity of employee benefits, we expand the possibilities for employers to improve the quality of their programs while managing the cost of care. 

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Analytics & Underwriting

Your data tells a unique story around the cost drivers within your population, providing knowledge to empower decisions. Our in-house underwriters, actuaries, and clinicians mine this data to help drive positive outcomes for you and your employees.

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Benefits Compliance

The constantly changing legislative environment is not easy to navigate. We’ll help you feel confident knowing you are compliant with local, state, and federal legislation with support from our in-house team of ERISA experts and legal professionals.

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Communications & Engagement

Benefits are complex and personal. Clear and easy to interpret communication is imperative to strengthen knowledge and simplify decision making. Understanding of benefits offerings leads to a more empowered and engaged employee.

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Ancillary & Worksite Benefits

From Life and Disability to supplemental insurance and lifestyle benefits, we’ll work to design a program that harmonizes your core benefits with ancillary products, creating a robust offering to meet the unique needs of your employees.

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Population Health Management

Our population health practitioners aim to develop targeted solutions, based on relevant data and clinical insights, to identify the diseases and conditions that represent the greatest potential for health improvement among your population.

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Benefit Technology Solutions

Technology is an integral part of today’s benefits environment and can greatly streamline an otherwise complex administration and eligibility process. Our technology team supports clients to help provide a simplified benefits administration experience.

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Retirement Plan

With retirement plans being a fundamental element of your employee benefits strategy, our dedicated financial planners can help you align your 401(k), 403(b), and other qualified plans with your business goals to round out your full benefits package.

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Alternative Funding Strategies

Level-funding, self-funding, captives, consortiums… alternative funding strategies can seem overwhelming. We help filter through the complexity and determine if any of these solutions are right for you to create a more effective benefits program.

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Pharmacy Benefit Consulting

Controlling pharmacy spend is an ongoing challenge for employers, making up a higher percentage of overall healthcare spend year over year. We’ll inform you of industry trends and provide creative solutions to help control your pharmacy costs.


Empowering employers with knowledge

Our role as advisors is to keep you at the forefront of industry news and help you be prepared and proactive about addressing your employees’ needs. Explore our latest key insights: 


Put the right benefits in place for success


Top strategies to contain pharmacy benefit costs


Cultivated expertise and global reach that fuel growth 

At The Baldwin Group, we have dedicated Centers of Excellence and Practice Groups that are focused on your more specific needs. 

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Global Japanese Practice

Succeed in the global market with customized employee benefits solutions from a team with an understanding of the unique needs, buying styles, and cultural sensitivities of the Japanese culture and business practices.

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Get unparalleled support, no matter where your operations take you, that helps you establish and manage a competitive benefits program for local national, U.S. expatriate, and third-country national employees.

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Government Contracting

Open the doors to new opportunities. With specialized knowledge in the intricacies of government contracting, we strive to deliver results that help lower your employee benefits costs, meet your employees’ expectations, maintain a low WRAP rate, and contain Fringe Rate.

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PEO Exit Strategies

Let our PEO experts help you consider why and when you may want to move on from your PEO as your business expands and evaluate if you’ll need to transition to a custom solution that allows you to manage benefits on your own.

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Five key considerations when choosing a benefits advisor

Working with the right partner is the foundation for an effective employee benefits strategy. You want a team that can help you deliver a complete, tailored, and aligned benefits strategy, so you attract, and retain top talent, reach your goals, and keep employees engaged. See five key considerations to know you’re working with the best partner for your needs.


Stay in the know

Our experts monitor the employee benefits space and compliance updates to provide meaningful insights and help break down what you need to know, potential impacts, and how you should respond. 

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Open the door to possibilities 

Partner with us to build a program that aligns with your culture, budget, and employee expectations, and explore new possibilities for your business.