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Solution / Luxury and Collector Automobiles

Luxury and collector automobiles


Premium protection your car deserves

When you own the vehicle you’ve always dreamed about, it deserves to be well protected. The insurance coverage you select should have the same qualities as your luxury vehicles – unique, high quality, and fully loaded. We’ll put our long-standing relationships with elite insurance companies to work to find you the best coverage options available – exclusively tailored to your needs so you can enjoy the ride for years to come.

Classic car driving down a road over looking a cliff, the passenger has their hands in the air


Going the extra mile
to meet your needs

Protecting luxury and collector cars requires an extra level of skill and understanding. Our private client advisors have the experience and industry connections to bring you fully customizable, feature-packed coverage options. We’ll help you understand the key differentiators and empower you to make informed decisions that can keep your luxury vehicles safe and protected, whether you’re driving across the country or parked in your driveway.


Putting you in the driver’s seat

When you partner with us, you’ll find an approach that not only provides comprehensive insurance protection for your luxury or collector vehicles, but also offers top-tier claims service, and proactive risk management strategies that can enhance your ownership—and enjoyment.

An up-close shot of a couple driving in a collectible car
Classic car driving down a desert road


High performance coverage
that’s designed to respond

High value cars, including exotic, vintage, classic, luxury, high-performance, costly-to-repair, and even those that are at a higher risk for theft, require luxury vehicle insurance – similar to typical auto insurance but elevated to suit the unique needs and protect against additional risks that come with owning high value cars.
Coverage may include the following features and more:


Stay in the know

Our experts monitor global events and the insurance industry to provide meaningful insights and help break down what you need to know, potential impacts, and how you should respond. 

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Young child sitting in the front seat of a parked classic car

Your journey begins here

When you decide to partner with us, you choose to
protect your legacy with solutions and professionals
as unique as your lifestyle.