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Ancillary Benefits

Offering comprehensive benefits beyond health insurance that align with the totality of your employees’ varying needs has become one of the pillars of an effective talent retention and acquisition strategy. With so many available options, our dedicated ancillary benefits experts can help you discover which benefits best match your employees’ expectations, while managing costs and remaining compliant. 


Lifting the burden, facilitating your success

Employees want more from their benefits, and your ancillary benefits strategy can help you answer the call. We help you decode the ABC’s of ancillary products, learn the ins and outs of your varying employee needs, and pinpoint which options are worthwhile investments, providing continuous support as your workforce changes. You can rely on us to take on the administrative burdens and function as an outsourced extension of your team. 


Optimizing your strategy for sustainable growth 

Gain peace of mind knowing that your ancillary benefits strategy is fully optimized for your people and overarching business goals. With our data-driven, personalized approach, you can strike the balance between cost containment and providing people-centric benefits. Because your employees’ expectations and business priorities change over time, we help you identify inflection points that impact how you provide ancillary benefits.   


Delivering powerful outcomes

You want to provide complete benefits that empower your employees to bring their best selves to work. And we deliver multifaceted solutions that
keep your employees engaged and satisfied.

Ancillary benefits

By leveraging long-standing relationships with insurance partners, we help you choose the offerings that complement and round out your benefits strategy.

Voluntary benefits

Elevate your benefits offerings even further and help your employees fill the gaps created by high-deductibles and rising co-pays, providing the financial security they need and deserve.


Giving advisors a leading edge

To grow and thrive, insurance advisors must maintain focus, deliver empowered client solutions, and continually develop a differentiated brand presence. The services we provide are designed take items off your plate, allowing you to best serve your clients.

Post-sale installation audit

Over 10% of policies, rates, and commissions are installed incorrectly. Through our implementation audit, we identify any inaccuracies before they become liabilities to you or your clients. Working with us will save your team countless hours and headaches.

Solutions Consulting

Clients expect deep analysis, education, and alternative solutions as you work together to control their healthcare spend. You’ve promised, and they expect this same level of service in every other corner of your consulting. When it comes to ancillary benefits, we deliver on this promise on your behalf.

Supporting Continue Growth

Partnering with us helps differentiate your service offerings, tipping the scale in your favor to win key accounts. We increase revenues on underperforming assets, place new and needed products, and manage your supplemental compensation objectives. Partnering with us is like adding another top advisor to your team.

Filling the gaps

A one-page “market-check” spreadsheet rarely elicits proper protection. The inadequacies of poorly designed plans can be devastating to claimants. You can only ensure informed client decisions through tailored education. You already do this on their medical plans. Let us do it on their life, disability, and other ancillary plans too.


Products designed to perform

Our expertise and specialization in ancillary benefits allows us to tailor products to align with your needs, goals, and possibilities for the future, including, but not limited to, coverages for:

Additional dental

Additional vision

Life insurance

Disability insurance

Pet insurance

Childcare benefits

Accident insurance

And more


Stay in the know

Our experts monitor the employee benefits space and compliance updates to provide meaningful insights and help break down what you need to know, potential impacts, and how you should respond.

Build your path to the possible

When you decide to partner with us, you choose to protect your now and your future with solutions and professionals as unique as your business.