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Partnering for the future

Joining forces with The Baldwin Group grants our partners access to a network of collaborative, like-minded entrepreneurs with a promise to innovate the client experience.

The soul of entrepreneurship

Forget everything you know about traditional insurance agency acquirers.

Our partnerships model facilitates the perpetuation of the entrepreneurial culture that is the hallmark of your success. More than 50 partner firms
have joined The Baldwin Group over the past 10 years.


Not your average insurance brokerage

Being a nationally acclaimed Best Place To Work for a wide range of insurance professionals, we strive to provide our colleagues and partners with the best resources and support they need to learn, grow, and thrive every day. Explore what The Baldwin Group can offer you and let’s grow better together.

Attracting the
best in class

The proof is in our partnerships. The Baldwin Group has partnered with 8 of the industry’s Top 100 firms since going public in 2019. Together, we expand that scope of what’s possible through a culture of collaboration.

The Baldwin Group Top Partnerships


History in the making

We’re proud to have been joined by some of the top agencies in the business. In 2024, Baldwin Risk Partners has revised our name to The Baldwin Group, creating one cohesive, national brand for our commercial risk, employee benefits, private risk, wealth management and retirement services.

2006 – 2011

Our founding firm:

  • BKS Partners was founded by industry veterans Lowry Baldwin, Elizabeth Krystyn, and Laura Sherman. Each has acquired decades of technical expertise in the traditional areas of commercial insurance, risk management, employee benefits, and private risk.
  • Baldwin Risk Partners (BRP) established in 2011 as the holding company for continued growth.
2012 – 2019

We added the following partners to our portfolio:

  • The Villages Insurance Partners
  • FMO Florida Medicare Options
  • Ryan Insurance & Financial
  • D&M Insurance Solutions
  • Affordable Home Insurance
  • Bradenton Insurance
  • KB Managed Care Solutions
  • Laureate Insurance Partners
  • Chris Black Insurance
  • Cadence Insurance
  • Midsouth Benefits
  • Montoya & Associates
  • Lykes Insurance
  • Millennial Specialty Insurance
  • Babcock Ranch
  • Fiduciary Partners
  • Foundation Insurance of Florida
2020 – 2024

Our growth further accelerated with these additions to the group:

  • LanierUpshaw
  • AgencyRM
  • Vibrant USA
  • Guided Solutions
  • Insurance Risk Partners
  • Southern Protective Group
  • Trinity Benefit Advisors
  • Russ Blakely & Associates
  • Rosenthal Brothers
  • Medicare Insurance Advisors, Inc
  • Fletcher Financial Group
  • Insgroup
  • AHT Insurance
  • TBM
  • Burnham Benefits
  • Burnham Gibson Wealth Advisors
  • LeaseTrack
  • Effective Coverage
  • Medicare Help Now
  • OnlyMedicare
  • Seniors Insurance Services
  • Mid-Continent Companies
  • RogersGray
  • The Capital Group
  • Founder Shield
  • Salt Margin
  • K&S Insurance
  • JGS Insurance
  • Wood Gutmann & Bogart (Burnham WGB)
  • BCP Tech
  • Construction Risk Partners
  • Arcana
  • Westwood Insurance Agency
  • National Health Plans & Benefits Agency
The Baldwin Group colleague standing in a large lobby in Tampa, FL.

Join us!

Partner with us to build a program that aligns with your culture, budget, and employee expectations, and opens new possibilities for your business.