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Surety Center of Excellence 


Bond Coverage

For opportunities of all sizes, across the construction and commercial sectors, you can depend on our knowledge and expertise to find surety solutions tailored to your business and aligned with your goals. As a leading surety advisor, we’ll guide you through the risks, challenges, and opportunities that lie ahead, and equip you for long-term success.


Elevating your company’s success

We share your passion for the construction industry and focus on contributing to your success. Our expertise extends beyond delivering bonds and forwarding paperwork – we’re entrenched in your industry, have cultivated meaningful relationships with top insurers, and know how to anticipate potential underwriting concerns. Whether it’s establishing a bonding program, securing a large bond for a job, or increasing your overall surety program capacity, we’ll take the time to learn your business and develop customized strategies that capitalize on opportunities, protect your interests, and benefit your bottom line. 


Building blocks for your future 

Lay the foundation for your success with an agile, goal-oriented team that evaluates your exposures from all angles and delivers comprehensive risk management strategies. By taking a consultative approach, we provide unbiased advice and unparalleled service, from the strategic planning phase to operational execution. You can rely on us to prioritize your best interests and design optimal strategies that help you achieve your goals. Our robust resources become your optimal solutions.  


Protect your projects and your profits

Discover a true partnership that prioritizes your interests, protects your bottom line, and propels your success. We’re always focused on building lasting relationships that foster continuity in service. Establishing a long-term partnership helps us anticipate your needs and develop a collaborative strategy to help you continually optimize your surety program. Together, our goals are to: 


Tailored solutions, powerful results

Surety bonds are one of the most important credit instruments available to support your business. Depending on the situation, these bonds may fulfill contractual obligations, satisfy compliance agreements, and meet statutory requirements. 

Four types of surety bonds:  

Contract bonds: These bonds hold one party in a contractual agreement responsible if the established terms are not met. 

Commercial bonds: Businesses, organizations, and individuals need a commercial bond before the state may recognize them as a business entity. 

Court bonds: This type of bond holds the bonded party financially liable if they fail to act in a court-required manner. These bonds are common in civil cases. 

Fidelity bonds: This type of bond protects businesses and their clients if an employee of that business acts unlawfully. Fidelity bonds are not required, like commercial and court bonds, but can be a great way to manage risk. 

Contract bonds 

Commercial bonds 

Subdivision bonds

Performance bonds 

License  bonds 

Site Improvement bonds 

Payment bonds 

Court bonds 

Maintenance bonds 

Bid bonds 

Miscellaneous bonds 

BRE/DRE bonds 


Serving a variety of industries, including:  

  • General contractors 
  • Industrial contractors 
  • Specialty trades 
  • Large trade subcontractors (e.g., electrical, HVAC, plumbing, etc.) 
  • Highway/infrastructure contractors 
  • Auto dealers 
  • Freight brokers 
  • Credit services 
  • Mortgage brokers 
  • Loan originators 
  • Public insurance adjusters 
  • Telemarketers 
  • Private equity 
  • Homebuilders 
  • Real estate 
  • Manufacturers 
  • Oil and gas 


Stay in the know

Our experts monitor your industry and global events to provide meaningful insights and help break down what you need to know, potential impacts, and how you should respond. 

Happy busy executive management team office people having business meeting.

Focus on the possibilities ahead 

When you decide to partner with us, you choose to protect your business and open the door new to ventures and opportunities.