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Employee Care Center

It’s easy to say we care, but we show it through our Employee Care Center – unique to The Baldwin Group and dedicated to helping your employees simplify the complexities of healthcare. Our licensed, HIPPA certified, and compassion trained benefit specialists are ready to assist your employees with claim resolution, benefit enrollment assistance, benefit education, and healthcare decision support.


Distinguished by specialized benefit specialists

Compassion and knowledge differentiate our team. In fact, our Employee Care Center supports your employees as if they were our very own. Offering a wide range of assistance, the benefit specialists who staff the center don’t just engage your employees in their benefits, they empower them to choose the right options for their personal needs and lifestyles. And, in the process, this helps instill greater satisfaction, and appreciation for, the valuable benefits you offer.


Employee support
that bolsters your capabilities

Acting as an extension of your own benefits team, the Employee Care Center provides resources that extend your in-house capabilities, ease the workload on your staff, and help ensure your employees get easy access to the benefits support they need, when they need it, including:

HIPAA-certified advocate analysts

who are professionally trained to guide and advise your employees as they navigate how to meet their benefits needs and situations.

Commitment to first-call resolution

which means that your employees can count on our advocates to do everything in their power to answer questions the first time around, so they don’t have to make follow-up calls.

Optimal convenience

with availability throughout the year, especially during your open enrollment period when employees may need extra help making decisions about which benefits to choose.

Benefits education

which helps employees understand and leverage valuable employee benefits programs and initiatives so they can make informed decisions.

Helpful guidance

that allows you to deliver a positive benefits experience to your employees by helping them take care of routine activities, like ordering ID cards or finding in-network benefits providers, for example.

Responsive claims assistance

that can help resolve issues, escalate status when appropriate, and advocate on your employees’ behalf.


Learn more about the Employee Care Center

Watch this quick video that gives a high-level overview of what you and your employees can expect from the Employee Care Center.


Stay in the know

Our experts monitor the employee benefits space and compliance updates to provide meaningful insights and help break down what you need to know, potential impacts, and how you should respond. 

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