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Transactional Risk Center of Excellence


Minimizing risk, maximizing deal success  

You’re focused on ensuring the success of your deals, and we’re dedicated to delivering solutions that help you understand and minimize the risks involved in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and other transactions, at every stage of the process. Our transactional risk experts know how to build risk mitigation strategies aligned with the complex, fast-paced, and delicate nature of a deal’s lifecycle– from evaluating potential target companies to closing and integration – as well as ongoing solutions to enhance portfolio performance.  


Expertise that optimizes performance

In a highly competitive space, reducing your exposure to transactional uncertainty and risk is crucial. Financial sponsors, strategic buyers, and other deal participants rely on our expertise to identify the appropriate risk mitigation tactics before, during, and after a deal. Leveraging insights from countless deal scenarios, our team brings meaningful knowledge about how transaction processes and potential red flags could impact M&A outcomes, whether you’re engaged in acquisition, divestiture, or other transactions. 


2024 D&O cyber benchmarking report

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Instill confidence with thorough due diligence

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Elevating the advisory experience

An impactful partner acts like an extension of your team and provides more than just a list of coverages to purchase. In collaboration with you, our transactional risk experts will learn your goals and challenges, discover your priorities, define loss control strategies, and help you navigate the insurance process, for every stage of a deal. Collectively, our team brings you decades of experience, along with long-standing relationships with top insurers and credibility in the industry that we’ll leverage to help you obtain optimal results. 


Driving optimal business alignment

Your deals exist within a complex ecosystem, not in silos, which is why we take the time to learn your business, operations, and exposures and align coverage solutions based on actual findings, not assumptions. Our team connects the dots between risks across transactions to optimize long-term financial performance and help ensure you have the proper coverage in place, empowering you to maximize returns and increase deal volume. Through our enhanced due diligence process, we’ll help you bridge knowledge gaps around a deal’s risk by quantifying and mitigating transactional risk, putting you on the path toward a smooth integration and sustainable success. 


Tailored process, powerful outcomes

From limited partners to portfolio companies, investors, legal and financial advisors, internal operations, or other deal participants, our team is entrenched in the M&A space and knows how to engage with stakeholders to learn specific exposures to risk that may impact the investment lifecycle. We know how to tailor cost-effective insurance solutions and adapt them to your changing needs, helping you protect your investments and maximize a deal’s potential. 

Due diligence solutions 

During the M&A due diligence process, it’s critical to examine a target company’s legal, financial, and tax records, but also just as critical to examine its insurance program and employee benefits plan as early in the process as possible. This enables you to properly determine the value of a potential new asset, uncover any possible risks that can negatively impact a company’s EBITDA, and protect against post-transaction liabilities. Our due diligence team works quickly to analyze risk management programs and insurance policies so buyers can make proactive decisions to reduce risk after an acquisition. While we also strive to identify areas of premium savings, our primary focus is reducing the overall cost of risk.  

Some key areas of focus include: 

Target company audits 

Our target company insurance audits aim to identify material weaknesses in coverage, broaden program design, and decrease cost of risk for portfolio companies – our track record shows these outcomes. Risk management and insurance are tools to protect assets under management. With our insurance auditing process, you’ll be able to identify and respond to material weaknesses in coverage design that equate to increased cost of risk.  

Litigation trends & limit analysis 

By leveraging the relationships we’ve cultivated with our insurance partners and the aggregated data intelligence from across our large client base, we have a panoramic view of claims sources and settlement data. This proprietary information is extremely valuable for risk management benchmarking, and can help you build a best-in-class risk mitigation and insurance strategy. 

Insurance program solutions 

After conducting a stringent due diligence process, insurance audits, contract review, and a benchmarking analysis, we’ll provide data-informed recommendations about the types of coverage you need and the appropriate limits. We take the complexities out of the insurance purchasing and procurement process and can help you obtain superior insurance protection for both buyers and target companies.  

Transaction liability specialization 

Optimize your M&A deal with transactional risk insurance – a pivotal tool in addressing and mitigating potential risks associated with the deal. By securing these key coverages, you can remain focused on the intricacies of your business deals, navigating all stages with confidence and minimizing concerns about possible disruptions. Our dedicated team of transaction liability experts can help negotiate and place policies, like representations and warranty, tax liability, and other unique deal-specific insurance policies. 

Claims support 

We’ll always prioritize your best interests and advocate for you in claims scenarios. With our technical prowess, we’re able to simplify steps, such as filing claims and analyzing coverage positions. You can count on our in-house claims team to provide prompt intervention and clear communication. We’ll assist with claims advocacy and review, as well as recommend loss control strategies that can help prevent similar claims scenarios from reoccurring. 


Products designed to perform

Dedicated specialization in M&A allows us to tailor our products to align with your needs, goals, and possibilities for the future.  
Our expertise includes, but is not limited to: 

Transactional risk insurance 

Complete P&C insurance strategy 

Employee benefits solutions 


Giving buyers a competitive advantage 

Private equity and venture capital firms face risk from many different directions that can negatively impact net profits, brand reputation, and relationships if not properly managed. We have long-standing experience partnering with our asset management clients to deliver robust suites of risk management products and services. Though private equity and venture capital share certain commonalities, they are each distinct. We are structured with core teams on each side of the equation to help clients engaged in mergers and acquisitions and other complex transactions get better results. 

Private Equity  

Private equity firms have unique exposures that our team understands from end to end and has the experience to manage. With decades of experience advising financial sponsors and their portfolio companies in the areas of risk and insurance, benefits, and retirement solutions, our private equity team is at the forefront of transaction risk, risk-related due diligence, and portfolio insurance programs for clients immersed in mergers and acquisitions.  

Venture Capital 

Our venture capital team is well seasoned in the importance of protecting firms’ investments and the personal assets of the partners. Venture firms have an extensive risk profile due to their broad exposure landscape. We act as an outsourced risk management team, helping to simplify their risk management complexities, such as cyber, fund formation, and outside board positions. 


Cultivated expertise that fuels your growth  

Your investment opportunities exist throughout different industries, and so does our expertise and capabilities. We’ll help you contain risk and add value to your transactions, across industries and levels of complexities. Bolster the strength of your transactional risk strategy with the knowledge and insights of our specialized teams focused on additional key areas: 

Centers of Excellence

Industry Practice Groups


Stay in the know

Our experts monitor your industry and global events to provide meaningful insights and help break down what you need to know, potential impacts, and how you should respond. 

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Seize the possibilities 

When you decide to partner with us, you choose to protect your now and your future with solutions and professionals as unique as your business.