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Government Contracting Center of Excellence 


Win more contracts and stay competitive 

Winning more contracts is the foundation of your success and the right approach to risk management and insurance can help you stay ahead in a highly regulated, competitive environment. With the increasing cost of healthcare and business insurance negatively impacting your fringe rate, you need solutions that give you an edge to win business, be compliant, and stay protected.   

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Edge out the competition

We understand that as a federal contractor, next to payroll, employee benefits and business insurance are two of your largest expenses. Keeping your fringe rate under control and your wrap rate low is mission critical to winning new business and maintaining profitability on existing contracts. Our team of GovCon-centric insurance experts will help you put the right employee benefits strategy in place with the goal of keeping costs under control, so you can continue to grow and prosper in the GovCon ecosystem.  



Rules, regulations, and results

As a federal contractor, you’re required to remain compliant and up to date with changing rules and regulations within all aspects of your business – your contracts depend on it. That’s where we come in. Our in-house compliance team works to stay on top of the current regulatory landscape and keep clients notified of changes that may affect them, their employees, and the business. Together, we’ll create customized, forward-looking solutions designed to meet your business needs and goals, while helping you stay compliant.  

Solutions include these and more: 

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Manage your largest expenses with GovConHealth

Whether you are SDVOSB, 8(a) or a federal contractor competing in the full and open arena, everyone has the same question – how do you offer employee benefits that meet the diverse needs of your employees while keeping your fringe costs under control? After an in-depth analysis of your business, employees, and current programs, we’ll guide you through the options that best meet your needs, so you can make informed, confident decisions, including an exploration of options available under our GovConHealth platform. 
GovConHealth enables high preforming federal contractors the option to pool together for the purchase of healthcare to reduce risk, have full financial and claims transparency and renewal predictability.

Our work doesn’t end with helping you design and implement your employee benefits strategy. Throughout our partnership, we’ll help keep your employees informed and educated to drive engagement and fortify your culture. And we’ll maintain consistent, open communication with you to provide data-backed guidance that can help you manage costs, as well as timely updates to help keep you compliant. 


Customized solutions, effective risk mitigation
with GovTech™

From IT to education, technology to construction, and everything in between, we help federal contractors get the coverage they need and help them stay compliant. Beyond solely meeting insurance requirements for government contracts, having the right liability coverage that protects you and your company from additional risks is also critical to your long-term success. Through our collaboration with GovTech™, the leader in protecting federal contractors against unforeseen risks, you have access to comprehensive liability policies including, Directors and officers, General, Professional, and Umbrella.


Stay in the know

Our experts monitor your industry and global events to provide meaningful insights and help break down what you need to know, potential impacts, and how you should respond. 

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Open the door to the possibilities ahead 

When you decide to partner with us, you choose to protect your business and open the door to new ventures and opportunities.