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Farm & Equine


Protect your passion and lifestyle

From family horses and those competing in the Olympics, to owning a farm or a ranch, the lifestyle of the people who live and love the farm and equestrian life is unique. Our farm and equine advisors are immersed in this world, understand the complex intricacies, and apply personal and professional insights to build risk management strategies customized to each client’s needs.

female instructor rider taking care of purebred in horse farm - broodmare daily activity


Entrust the reins to an experienced team

You wouldn’t entrust your animals, land, and valuables to just anyone, so make sure you’re protecting them with the same level of discernment. Our dedicated team understands the nuances of policies and puts their long-standing relationships with top, national, insurance companies to work for you. With credibility in the industry and an understanding of what underwriters are looking for, we’ll help present you in the best way possible to get the coverage you need. 


Staying on pace with your evolving needs

Your horses, farm, livestock, and other assets require specialty coverages that address their unique risks. We’ll provide an in-depth needs analysis, implement loss prevention strategies surrounding property and liability exposures, and continually review your insurance program for broad coverage and competitive pricing.
Coverages include:

Adult man, making sure the cow eats everything


Engaging strategies to fit your needs

After learning about your unique needs and lifestyle, you’ll walk through the various coverage recommendations and options with our advisory team to create the most valuable and cost-effective strategy for you and your family.
Key areas we’ll discuss include:

Equine insurance

Get access to all the coverages necessary for your performance and breeding horse needs. Using our long-standing, trusted relationships with all major equine insurance companies, you’ll have diverse options to find the most appropriate major medical plans and best mortality pricing to fit your needs.

Farm & equine liability

Put our advisors’ expertise to work bridging any gaps in coverage, from unique liability risks of owning and/or managing horses to owning your own farm or ranch.

Equestrian disability

Horse trainers, veterinarians, professional rodeo competitors, and all other equine professionals face the chance of injury in addition to the typical illnesses. Disabilities interrupt cash flow and can potentially end careers. While most carriers do not offer equestrian disability, we’ll help you find coverage using our connections within the industry.

Overseas transit

If you import and export horses or regularly arrange international horse transportation, you’ll need the appropriate lines of coverages and premiums to meet your specific transit needs. Our team helps give you the peace of mind that your horse will arrive safely and healthy to its destination, from South America to Europe, and any other place in the world.

Livestock coverage

With an established presence in both the rodeo and bucking industry, you can get coverage for both your equine and bovine bucking athletes in case of death due to an accident, sickness, or disease.

veterinarians at large goat farm checking goats's health.


Protection beyond equine and farm

When you’ve devoted time, money, and energy into building the lifestyle of your dreams, protecting yourself and your investments from losses should be a priority. From your home and business to your engagements, such as board membership and philanthropy, our experience will help protect what you have worked to build, so you can pursue the possible.


Stay in the know

Our experts monitor global events and the insurance industry to provide meaningful insights and help break down what you need to know, potential impacts, and how you should respond. 

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Your journey begins here

When you decide to partner with us, you choose to protect your legacy with solutions and professionals as unique as your lifestyle.