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Whether you’re a casual dining establishment, a destination resort, an exclusive country club, or a sports venue, you’re in the business of delivering memorable experiences for your guests. And we’re in the business of delivering insurance and risk mitigation strategies that help your keep guests safe, retain the right talent, and contain your cost of risk. Our experts help you protect your people, customers, and operations so that you’re able to flourish and focus on the experiences you provide.


Expertise that elevates your success

From ensuring guest and employee safety to safeguarding your digital and physical assets, protecting your reputation, and beyond, your ability to achieve longevity is shaped by wide ranging risks and opportunities. Our dedicated experts are embedded in the hospitality industry and can help you navigate industry trends, insurance market shifts, and global events so you’re able to be resilient and gain greater control over your exposures.

Improve experiences. Control margins. Serve more customers.


Limit Liability and Losses: Pool Safety Tips

While pool is often synonymous with fun, it’s essential to be aware of the safety measures required to help limit your liability and losses.

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Hospitality, Golf & Country Clubs Market Update

In 2024, labor shortages driven by changing attitudes about work remain one of the greater challenges in the hospitality industry.

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Labor Shortages and the Impact on Hospitality

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Redefining the
advisory experience

Maximize your potential with a partnership that provides more than just transactional support. We’ll invest time and resources to learn your operations, people, and goals, and provide impactful risk mitigation strategies and insurance solutions that are continually aligned with your priorities. With a deep understanding of the challenges and operational realities different areas of the hospitality industry face, we have the experience to design innovative solutions at a competitive price for your distinct needs.



Customized to deliver powerful outcomes

Lean on us to help simplify the complexity of insurance. Our dedicated hospitality team can provide stability in the fast-paced, complex environment in which you operate, delivering risk mitigation expertise, services, and solutions that help you elevate the experiences you provide. We prioritize our clients’ best interests and collaborate to deliver best-in-class results.

Fundamental Solutions:

Progressive Services:


Bringing tailored strategies to the table

Just like your guests customize their meals or pick amenities based on their individual preferences, we work to customize insurance solutions specifically for your business needs. Each hospitality entity is different, which is why we leverage our proprietary RiskMap process to identify your distinct risks and provide tailored, actionable recommendations – empowering you to protect your business.


Whether you provide a Michelin star dining experience or the convenience of a fast casual establishment, your reputation and livelihood are on the balance with every customer you serve. Negative reviews, on-site injuries, supply chain disruptions, damaged property – the list of challenges you face goes on. With the help of our experts, you can develop policies and procedures that enable you to respond and rebound from potential setbacks. Our experts work toward finding the right combination of insurance coverages that help provide financial protection for your restaurant.

Hotel & Lodging

From ensuring guests’ comfort to keeping employees safe and maintaining amenities, running a successful hotel and lodging business requires significant upkeep and hands-on management. With our experts serving as your dedicated risk management and insurance team, you can stay focused on ensuring that things run smoothly. Over time, we’ve worked with thousands of clients in the hotel and lodging space. We’ll use this experience and apply our insights to help you find competitive, complete, and cost-effective coverage.

Golf & Country Clubs

When it comes to expertise with golf and country clubs, a partnership with our experts is a hole in one. Because of our proven track record serving golf and country clubs, we have premier access to insurance programs with cost and coverage enhancements. Your dedicated team includes safety professionals, claim management specialists, compliance, and corporate wellness consultants. We’ll bring you the experience we’ve garnered serving hundreds of private, semi-private, and public clubs.


As the owner of a venue, you provide the backdrop for events and memories that last a lifetime. To deliver these incredible experiences, you’re tasked with ensuring public safety, maintaining the property, and managing event disruptions. Across the areas of risk you face, we can help you develop incident response plans and tailor insurance solutions for the unpredictable situations that venue owners and operators often encounter.


Protecting your now
and the possible

Our expertise and specialization in hospitality allows us to tailor coverages to align with your needs, goals, and possibilities for the future.

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Differentiated employee benefits solutions

Your people are your competitive advantage. And we deliver employee benefits solutions that give you an edge in the particularly challenging talent landscape for the hospitality industry. Discover new possibilities for your business with a benefits strategy that resonates with your people, fortifies your culture and employee engagement, and attracts the best talent.


Stay in the know

Our experts monitor your industry and global events to provide meaningful insights and help break down what you need to know, potential impacts, and how you should respond. 

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When you decide to partner with us, you choose to protect your business and open the door to new ventures and opportunities.