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Employee Benefits Insight Articles

Employee Benefits
Prescription Drugs and Access to Care
Introduction Pharmacy benefits continue to scale out of control. With 70 percent 1 of U.S. adults now taking prescription drugs,...
Are Your Business Insurance & Employee Benefits Teams Talking? They Should Be
Build an effective insurance strategy with confidence Ensuring the long-term success and safety of your business means regularly managing multiple...
Talent and Acquisition
Understand How Benefits Work Together to Attract & Retain Employees
Required benefits that ENSURE compliance with laws: Workers' compensation - if your employees get hurt or become sick due to...
Cost Control
Educate Employees about Care Options to Manage Healthcare Costs
Healthcare costs are soaring. As the chart here shows, hospital spending, physician services, and prescription drugs are among the key...
Wellbeing and Health
Help Employees Manage Mental Wellness with Benefits
Although 40 percent of U.S. workers currently suffer from a combination of mental health concerns, performance issues, and stress, it...
Cost Control
Do You Have a Generic Drug Strategy?
Fifty-four. That’s the number of brand-name prescription drugs due to come off patent this year. Why should employers care? Once...
Cost Control
Off-Label Drug Use: Cover for Weight Loss or Not?
To cover or not is the question many U.S. insurance companies and employers continue to ponder when it comes to...
Cost Control
7 Strategies to Control Employee Benefits Cost
Today, about eight percent of a company’s operating budget goes to pay employee benefits. And it’s growing even more expensive....
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