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Group Long-term Care 

There is a growing interest in long-term care insurance by the workforce, as the caregiving crisis continues to grow, Baby Boomers are reaching retirement, and Americans are living longer than ever – and this interest inevitably lands on the doorsteps of employers to figure out. That’s where we come in. Our experienced group long-term care team are experts in the nuances of this coverage type and will help you make informed decisions for the benefit of your organization and its employees. 


Redefining the advisory experience

Group long-term care is an insurance coverage that can be quite complex to understand and implement effectively without proper guidance. We’ll get to know your organization and employees so we can guide you through the broad range of options available, while helping you manage costs for your employees and organization. Our advisors are experts in the nuances of this coverage type and will deliver highly customized plans – simplifying the enrollment process and providing a seamless employee experience.   


Managing the effect on employers

There is a toll placed on caregivers that cannot be ignored. It impacts physical and mental health, is a major driver of stress, and has a significant impact on careers, with the fallout impacting 401ks, other benefits, and lost wages. Employers feel these effects, as well, in lost productivity, retention and replacement costs, impacts on healthcare costs, and a disengagement with their employees. Having the right coverage solutions in place can help mitigate the effects you’ll feel as an employer. 


Delivering powerful outcomes

As with many decisions you have to make for your organization, there are benefits and considerations for selecting each type of group long-term care coverage. Our experienced advisors will match your needs against the options to help you make informed decisions about what you’re going to offer employees. 

Long-term Care Insurance 

This standalone coverage helps protect your employees’ assets from costs incurred due to LTC and/or healthcare needs. 
Benefits include:

Considerations include: 

Life/Long-term Care Hybrid 

This helps protect your employees’ assets from costs incurred due to LTC care and/or home healthcare needs while retaining maximum flexibility. 
Benefits include:

Considerations include: 

Life Insurance with Long-term Care Rider 

Maximizes the death benefit while retaining moderate flexibility. 
Benefits include:

Considerations include: 


Stay in the know

Our experts monitor the employee benefits space and compliance updates to provide meaningful insights and help break down what you need to know, potential impacts, and how you should respond. 

Your journey begins here 

When you decide to partner with us, you choose to deliver on your commitment to your employees with solutions as unique as they are.