Three Promises

Be better ® Presenter

Be better ® You

Be better ® Brand

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PowerPoint slides have become the center of gravity in presentations today. Not the presenter. Everywhere you look, the tool that promised to make presentations exponentially better, is facilitating just the opposite: turning slides into dense pages that belong in an appendix, and creating a global competition to see just how much information can be crammed onto a single slide. Is it surprising that audiences are frustrated with presentations that are incomprehensible or incoherent?

This program is dedicated to reversing the trend, and putting the focus -- and the power -- of every presentation back where it belongs: with the presenter. It is a rediscovery of how logic, imagery, story, choreography and transition can transform ineffective presentations into ones that clarify thinking, catalyze buy-in, improve the quality of decision-making, and have the power to close deals.

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"Very few experts can teach their craft as well as Michael Baldwin can teach how to write and deliver compelling presentations."

- Meredith Kopit Levien, Chief Operating Officer


Advertising agencies overcomplicate it. Branding agencies would have you believe it is a Dark Art, better left to the experts. But the truth is that the creation and stewardship of a brand is not a mystery at all—it merely requires common sense and the application of three key principles: simplicity, consistency and durability. Disney, Apple, Nike and IBM are just a few examples of world-class brands that understand that the creation of a brand begins with a distinct point-of-view; a crystal clear understanding of what a company stands for and what its mission is in the world. This process is designed to help companies decipher their true identity, their “purpose and passion” and untangle overcomplicated branding and naming strategies. It’s an unconventional discovery process led by someone who has spent 30+ years in successful branding and communication management.

"When it comes to positioning a brand and articulting what makes its offerings distinctive and compelling, there is simply no one better than Michael Baldwin. He has an uncanny way of pulling so many threads together, extracting what's most relevant, expressing it clearly and simply."

- Liz Paley, Founder and Principal, Framework Consulting New York


You don’t have to be in the advertising business to know about brands and branding. Simply put, a brand is a promise. But what is a personal brand? And why is it important to cultivate yours? A personal brand is your promise of what people can expect from you. Cultivating that brand means you control how you are perceived, in terms of what you do, say, write, wear, how you behave and interact. Those who take personal branding seriously - from Steve Jobs to Lady Gaga - know the value of being perceived as unique, and the importance of consistently demonstrating those qualities that differentiate you. Through a series of one-on-one sessions, this process distills what defines you, and ensures that every point of contact and communication with the world consistently reinforces your unique personal brand.